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Need Financing?

Woodsboro Craftsmen LLC., a proud merchant partner with Nymeo

This year we have expanded our payment options by offering financing through our partner Nymeo Federal Credit Union. 

  • If Nymeo is a credit union, do I have to be a member to use this program?

    • You do not need to be a member to apply but you will have to be or become a member to utilize the merchant financing program, if you are approved. There is no cost to join the credit union and our team will walk you through the membership requirements/process. More information on membership can be found here.

  • What is Merchant Financing?

    • Merchant financing is a partnership between Nymeo Federal Credit Union and their local small business community that allows their small business partners to offer a financing option to their consumers for the products and services they sell. 

  • Who will service my loan?

    • All loans are originated by Nymeo and serviced by Nymeo so you don’t have to worry about your loan being sold to another lender or servicer.

  • What if I don’t get approved for the amount I need?

  • Nymeo will make every effort to get you approved for the amount needed for your project or purchase. In the event they cannot qualify you for the full amount, they will let you know if there is an amount that can be approved so you can discuss your options with Woodsboro Craftsmen.

  • How does the money get paid to the Merchant?

    • Once a loan is funded, Nymeo will facilitate payment directly to Woodsboro Craftsmen, LLC based on the original agreement/contract signed between you and Woodsboro Craftsmen, LLC.

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